Solar-powered refrigerator

solar powered refrigerator

Emily Cummins, 21, invented this solar-powered fridge while working on a project for school. It “is now improving the lives of thousands of poverty-stricken Africans” and is entirely self-contained and doesn’t even have solar panels.


  1. Hate to tell this 21 year old, but they’ve been using this type of system in Africa for decades now. Usually it’s two clay jars with wet sand between the two. You just have to re-wet the sand a couple times a day.

  2. Theres’ been some great developments in solar technology in the last couple of years that have benefitted the developing world. Probably their most abundant resource is sunlight and it’s great that they are now at the stage where they can start to take advantage of it.

    Just recently I’ve seen solar powered hearing aids that were developed in Botswana, greatly improving the quality of life for a lot of people.

  3. I read about an ice-maker being used in a third-world country, using the ammonia adsorption process (what this fridge is using). The machinery was a little more complex and uses a larger solar collector than what this article shows, but the bottom line is it works. This was in Home Power magazine, and the ice is used to keep medicines cool.

  4. I am highly impress by your latest discovery concern the solar refrigeration am a student in this profession willing to tap from your vision please do send me a full version.

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