The Israeli attack on the school

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What everyone needs to take but probably won’t.

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And even if you hold Israel responsible for the current conflict, try to look at things from an Israeli point of view. Do you really think Israeli commander said, “There are Palestinian civilians sheltering in that building. Let’s blast them”?

It’s certainly possible. And is something that too often happens in the fog of war. It’s also quite possible Hamas deliberately used the school as a staging area, maybe even to lure an Israeli attack that would kill innocents. Atrocities abound during wars, civilians take the brunt of them.

If you believe Israelis are capable of such things, there’s not much point in engaging with you. It’s about as credible as a belief that the Israelis intentionally fired on and killed their own soldiers. But keep in mind, the current conflict is in large part a propaganda war; do you think Israel would deliberately choose to hand a propaganda victory to Hamas?

Then why does Israel continue to do precisely that? Because over the past several years, they always go insanely violent and give the propaganda victory to the other side. Always. How George Bushian of them.


  1. When you consider the enemy as sub-human, then it is not the same as killing human beings. It might surprise you how low most jews in power in Israel consider all Palestinians. War is not rational and therefore is seldom fought on a rational basis. Rationalism tells us that practically all wars could have been prevented, this one included. It is usually vested interests and bitterness laced with a degree of hatred that starts and keeps wars going, the propaganda from both power parties feed that cocktail.

  2. In 1967 Israel sank, killing 35 and setting over 100 adrift, the USS Liberty.

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