Israel invades Gaza

gaza bombing

Photo of Gaza bombing. Haim Bresheeth has many more.

IDF launches ground assault

PFLP calls for international resistance

Fatah calls for national unity against Israeli agression

100,000-150,000 Palestinians in Israel protest Gaza offensive (with video)

Ground War…

And we have ourselves a ground invasion of Gaza. A week ago, I did not expect this. If the Israelis want to push this, Hamas cannot win in any conventional sense of the term, even to the extent that Hezbollah was able to resist in Lebanon. I’m guessing now that this ends with Israel installing a Fatah administration that the Gazans are going to hate. From Israel’s point of view, I suppose it’s better to have Palestinians blow each other up than blow up Israelis. In the long term, I still don’t see an endgame.

In 4th generation warfare like this, the victor needs to win both the military and propaganda wars. So far, it’s been a split decision for years (decades?) with Israel mostly winning the military war while Palestinians mostly win the propaganda war.

I also see no endgame. Just endless carnage.