Two weeks in Britain and Wales

We head back to San Francisco on Monday. It’s been a great vacation. Got to visit with Howard Ingham, his wife, and three kids in Wales. Sue and Wood met on a chat board ten years ago. He flew to our wedding party in L.A. Now we got a chance to visit. And see London and Wales. Thanks you, Wood and Tracy.

It’s sometimes weird being in a place where the language is mostly the same, but then you realize you’re in a foreign country.

Power outlets not only have different plugs, they have on-off switches too.

Household door locks work quite differently.

If you ask for coffee at a store, you’ll probably get an Americano. Drip coffee is difficult to find, except at Starbucks.

I find it amazing that my ATM card works instantly at a Barclays ATM with no fees, and that I can update my blog, which is hosted in Los Angeles, with no perceptible delay from Wales or London.

The Welch language is enjoying a strong comeback in Wales and is spoken by many as a first language. But maybe Welch and Hawaiian could get together and swap consonants and vowels to get a better balance. Yes, I know “w” and “y” are vowels in Welch, but the written language seems as filled with consonants to an outsider as Hawaiian is with vowels.

And the Welch experience of colonization and being exploited seems similar to that of Hawaii. Right down to the language being banned at various times too.