Ms. Sinoloa busted on weapons charges with alleged drug gangsters


Whatever the circumstances and consequences of her arrest, Zuniga’s latest challenge underscores the extent to which gangster culture has entered the mainstream of Sinaloa and other states where drug smuggling has become a way of life.

What happens when entire regions of a country are mostly beyond the control of the government?


  1. Um…declare Mission Accomplished?

  2. No Fear of the Future has a photo of her and the others handcuffed standing next to the the confiscated weapons. She’s not looking too perky.

  3. Oregon was a Republic, before it was a “state”.

    So shall she be again, sooner than previously thought.

    There is nothing we need east of The Rockies.

  4. Just curious: where does your wheat come from? Ours comes from the great plains of eastern Montana.

  5. Never visited Eastern Oregon, have you?

    And “Montana” was once a part of “Oregon”.

  6. Eastern Montana was part of France until the Louisiana Purchase. Western Montana was administered jointly by the U.S./Brits. Utah, just south of the border, was part of Spain/Mexico. Lot of imperial maneuvering out here.

    Haven’t been to Oregon yet. They grow wheat there?

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