3 thoughts on “Man throw shoes at Bush in Iraq

  1. From the recent visit of President Bush to Iraq a shoe of an Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zeidi welcomed him. I think for a a person with a high position in the government of a super-power country, it was big insult and en embarrassing experience. In Muslim culture, showing the sole of your shoe is a symbol of extreme disrespect, but throwing your shoes goes deeper than an insult. Beleaguered Iraqi citizens took off their shoes and threw them at the toppling statue of Saddam Hussein during liberation – that will tell you more about what an insult it is. Bush laughed this off and referred to it as a “sign of a free society,” much like payday loans are. If convicted, he is looking at a minimum of two years in prison for insulting a visiting head of state. Protesters burned American flags and threw shoes at a tank in Najaf, apparently because they feel al-Zeidi should be praised for his “courageous” action. Al-Zeidi and his infamous footwear are still in custody. I doubt there’s any way of getting his shoes back.

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