Iraqi journalist throws shoes at Bush. More.

From a post in MarxMail by Shane Mage

As I learned in Morocco 50 years ago, in an Islamic culture to put one’s shoe in one’s hand is a severely threatening gesture and to throw it is a gesture expressing unmitigated contempt. If there is a Western term for this sort of thing, it is to be found in the *codex duello*. It is the equivalent of slapping one’s enemy across the face with one’s glove.

The Angry Arab is having a hootin’ good time with this. Some tidbits:

Lest US media portray him as Al-Qa`idah supporter, As-Safir reports that the shoe throwing Iraqi journalist, Muntazir Az-Zaydi, is a Leftist. He believes in the hammer, sickle, and shoe.

When the Shoe hits your eye
Like a big-a pizza pie
That’s amore

AlJazeera (Arabic) is reporting that up to a 100 Arab lawyers have volunteered to defend the shoe throwing Iraqi journalist.


  1. And ya want your So Called Liberal Media? There it is in Iraq… 99% of our right wing corporate owned and controlled media don’t have the balls to editorialize like that. Most of them have problems just telling the plain truth. Bush is lucky the irate Iraqi journalist wasn’t playing horseshoes with hand grenades… Because that was close enough.

    I liked this idea…

  2. Muntazir Az-Zaydi a Communist, of some sort, eh? As you might know, Sadddam Hussein’s Ba’ath Party killed thousands of Iraqi Communists. How did Muntazir Az-Zayd survive the dictatorship of the Ba’ath?

  3. How about we all go down to the post office and send one old shoe to the White House? As they say in some parts of the world, “Solidarnosc.”

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