Did the Republic Windows workers win or lose?


Workers at Republic Windows and Doors have “won” a major victory thanks to their militant six-day sit-down strike occupying the plant – full back pay and severance pay, etc. But their plant is still shutting down, and the owner is moving his operations to a non-union plant under a new name in Iowa. In the end, what the workers “won” was preventing the company from breaking the law. A victory to be sure, but a qualified one.

Monthly Review

The settlement totals $1.75 million. It will provide the workers with: Eight weeks of pay they are owed under the federal WARN Act; Two months of continued health coverage; and Pay for all accrued and unused vacation. Although the money will be provided as a loan to Republic Windows and Doors, it will go directly into a third-party fund whose sole purpose is to pay the workers what is owed them.