Another sheriff halts evictions

The sheriff of Butler County, Ohio is refusing to process eviction orders unless those being evicted have a shelter to stay in during the coming cold weather.

He follows the sheriffs of Philadelphia and Cook County, who have also halted evictions.

In Philadelphia, Sheriff John Green has refused to hold court-ordered auctions of foreclosed homes. “My staff and I watch the suffering every day and witness the heart-wrenching scenes as families … face eviction.”

The Cook County sheriff did it because many of those being evicted were renters who had no idea the house was in foreclosure.

Predictably, financial types are whining that they want their money and what about the rule of law. Right, like they’ve have a deep and abiding respect for the law as they pillaged the public and issued garbage mortgage securities. Better they should take heed to what Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich asks, Are we courting a populist backlash, by bailing out the wealthy and tossing others into the streets?