Wireless solar-powered cordless compaction system

Symphony Services has announced that BigBelly Solar, a Massachusetts-based company producing a patented solar powered compacting trash receptacle that is completely self-powered, selected the company to engineer new software for its flagship cordless compaction system.

Big Belly compacts trash to one-fifth normal size, thus allowing more trash to be stored, which cuts down on collection trips. Plus, they have wireless, are connected to a central database, and this enables collection to be done more efficiently, which saves even more time, money, and gas – something which helps the planet too.

Imagine. A garbage can that will need software upgrades!

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  1. It could be argued that Micro$oft Windows is a garbage can that will need(s) software upgrades!

    The trouble with recycling and recycling or trash reducing devices is America’s disposable culture – everything gets thrown away, in the same container. Yes, many are becoming better at sorting out the trash, but for the most part all trash goes in the same trash and until we change that mentality cool devices such as these are a novelty item.

    Imagine, if the compactor reduces aggregate trash to twenty percent it’s mass, then trash removal is reduced to twenty percent. Where one would have taken out the trash daily, now every five days… of moldy bread, sour cheese, diapers. Compacted, in the kitchen, for five days.

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