Ten thousand charter buses headed to DC for Inauguration

Can you say ‘logistical nightmare‘? The problem isn’t so much where the buses will be parked but how to get people from there to the inauguration area and back again without complete gridlock.

As for getting a hotel room, Expedia shows virtually every hotel in the D.C. area completely full, although a Best Western in Manassas does have a room on Jan 20 for a mere $1333. Even Baltimore, where you can take the train to DC, is booked solid.

WaPo has an special inauguration section and reports that 4,500 hotel rooms just came on the market at an average price of $650 a day and hurry if you want one. But scanning Washington.org as they recommend for rooms shows, you guessed it, no vacancies.

Or you could rent Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson’s DC one bdr condo for just $30,000 for five days.