Ten thousand charter buses headed to DC for Inauguration

Can you say ‘logistical nightmare‘? The problem isn’t so much where the buses will be parked but how to get people from there to the inauguration area and back again without complete gridlock.

As for getting a hotel room, Expedia shows virtually every hotel in the D.C. area completely full, although a Best Western in Manassas does have a room on Jan 20 for a mere $1333. Even Baltimore, where you can take the train to DC, is booked solid.

WaPo has an special inauguration section and reports that 4,500 hotel rooms just came on the market at an average price of $650 a day and hurry if you want one. But scanning Washington.org as they recommend for rooms shows, you guessed it, no vacancies.

Or you could rent Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson’s DC one bdr condo for just $30,000 for five days.


  1. Why? What is going to happen? Pomp, ceremony and ritual, the enemies of reason.

  2. I think it’s more likely to be one big happy party. Dancing in the streets. Things like that.

  3. You mean Yippee batman is coming to save the city? Ahh shades of the Blair victory.

  4. Well, Mr. Grumpy, I’m sure that mere nanoseconds after Obama is sworn in that all the problems of the country will be magically solved.

    (Actually, after eight years of psychotic reactionaries in power, a centrist moderate will be just fine with me. If hen becomes a Blair, I’ll be on the barricades protesting. But I don’t think he will be.)

  5. Limousine Liberals. Bet there ain’t a workin’ man in the bunch.

  6. Don’t be silly, the working don’t get to these sort of things, their place is just to vote and then cheer and go home until the next election.

  7. I was luckly when I found just by Google-ing corporate charter bus that this company http://www.mybusreservations.com has charter buses. They were able to set me up with a time and schedule to be at the Inauguration. They were friendly and professional. I’m staying with friends in DC for that weekend — all the hotels are booked.. but if you looking for a ride go to http://www.mybusreservations.com can help you.
    They may have some possible leads on hotel stays.


  8. John,

    10,000 buses is 400,000-500,000 people. They will probably be leaving at some ungodly early hour in the morning, staggering off the bus at 6 am to find an open Starbucks and the shuttle to the Inauguration. Then after watching events for hours in what will probably be cold weather, then will get back on the bus and arrive home at 2 am the next morning.

    This is not the ruling class on the buses. These will be regular people taking a day off. Churches are organizing many of the buses.

    Those getting hotel rooms for $650 a night with invites to the parties, absolutely, they are the monied classes.

    BTW, they are expecting 5 million people for the Inauguration.

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