Marc Drier contemplates doing the funky perp walk and going to prison

Yet another apparent amoral thug masquerading as a successful businessman has been indicted by the Feds.

Marc Dreier, a prominent New York plaintiffs’ lawyer and founder of Dreier LLP, was charged by U.S. federal prosecutors with securities and wire fraud in a case alleging a multimillion-dollar real-estate fraud involving hedge funds.

He also was arrested in Canada last week for charges alleging he tried to obtain tens of millions of dollars fraudulently.

I am so tired of thieving scumbags in high places. Maybe after a few dozen of them go to prison the rest might start getting clues, and I’ve no doubt but that there will be massive show trials for many of them soon.


  1. The Temp agency of Kent Daniel & Associate has pull all of thier temps from Driers’ Santa Monica Office, which left many without jobs and as of this date has not placed any of the temp with new assigment….. This is just the start of many companies not willing to do business with the now effect of Drier’s arrerst.

    Kent Daniel has no heart when it come to its temp, they are all about money…whats is this world coming to when you judge someone before they are found to be guity

    “While the people at Kent Daniels still have thier jobs, they have put all the temp that have been working at Drier out of a job”!!

  2. That’s one interesting part of all this: lots of news about charges being filed, upon which we judge them all guilty. Perhaps all they are. But it sounds a lot like “Sentence first, then verdict!” In the old days, they called that a lynch mob, in distinct contrast to due process.

  3. True, but there is major escrow money missing and they apparently have him on tape saying he’d replace the money once he sold his artwork.

    The Canada charges say he fraudulently impersonated another person and they appear to have him nailed on that.

    Most telling, lawyers are fleeing his firm.

  4. No one is saying that. But when reliable reports say that millions are missing from escrow accounts and Dreier said I need to pay it back, well, we’re talking numerous felonies and any reasonable person would say he sure seems guilty.

  5. Even if he isn’t, his life is now over. He’s been effectively lynched by the press. So much for due process.

    He’s entitled not to be judged by “any reasonable person,” but by 12 reasonable persons after all the evidence has been presented. And if you ever get arrested and charged, you’re entitled to the same.

  6. I can add some weight to Bob’s comment about selling the art because it’s been taken down off the walls. Don’t know if that just means hidden somewhere or has been sold.

  7. He owes the company I work for a LOT of money that we will likely never see and that has resulted in layoffs.

  8. Wow, people coming to defence of Marc Drier! You people have GOT to be kidding me. I lived with this man in my life for the last year and it ruined many a night’s sleep from sheer rage. I absolutely agree with the sentiment that I am SICK of rich powerful men acting like they are above the law and above the rest of the human species.

    I wonder, Sondra, how you feel about Marc’s nice little recolection about the great parties he had on his yacht in the carribean, where he did lines of coke and had sex with the local girls all night long. He was so happy about where he come in his life!

    This man had no respect for anyone. He HATED weak people, and I know all of you would have fit squarely in that catigory, in his eyes.

    Seriously, wake up.

  9. Not defending the man, defending the Constitution– which the parties that be have torn up plenty the past 8 years, but perhaps you still remember it. If you don’t stand up when they lynch Drier, who will stand up when they lynch you?

  10. Tens of millions are missing from escrow accounts only Dreier had access to. His firm had 350 lawyers and they’ve apparently all bailed. He’s also be arrested in Canada for impersonating someone else for fraud.

    Of course he should be tried fairly, but by any reasonable interpretation by a non-judicial person, he certainly appears guilty. Very guilty.

  11. He’s entitled to a jury that hasn’t already made up its mind– where on earth will they find such a thing?

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