Laid-off workers seize Chicago factory

Laid off workers are occupying the Republic Windows & Doors factory in Chicago after the company closed because Bank of America would not extend it further loans. The workers want their back and vacation pay. They also protested outside Bank of America headquarters in Chicago, saying that bank has received billions in government bailout money, yet won’t loan any to save the factory.


  1. Although this is a peaceful protest up to this part and these people have every right to demand what is due to them,this is VERY SCARY. People are being let go left and right every day thousands upon thousands. If something is not done soon and I can’t even begin to suggest what, these things may well turn violent.We have a real mess on our hands and, it is escalating rapidly. You can’t take a family’s lively hood away with no notice and expect anything more. People are frustrated and scared and will react as such. Not enough credit has been given this past year to the high cost of fuel and the serious damage it did to our businesses, families and our society. While we do the happy dance at the pumps OPEC is planning more production cuts to jack prices back up. WE have never recovered from this past year and can’t take another yr like it. Jeff Wilson has a great book out called The Manhattan Project of 2009 Energy Independence NOW. I don’t understand why our nation doesn’t take some of these billions in stimulus pkgs and get some alternative energy projects up and running, create new green collar jobs and promote energy independence.

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