Obama and gumbo

Homeless on the High Desert

Uhhmmm”¦ he’s half white.

As I emphasized while liberally quaffing pints at the pub this eve, if we as progressives are going to emphasis multi-cultural diversity, if Obama is to represent multi-cultural diversity, then we need to drop the african american tag. We’re a nation of mutts. Own up to it.

I knew a guy once who was half-Anglo half-Indian, he said, we’re all half-breeds, it’s just more obvious with some of us. I come from English / Irish/ Scottish / French / German ancestry. Just another mutt, if not as obvious.

Will an Obama presidency signal a possible end of identity politics? Possibly. One thing though, we aren’t and shouldn’t try to be a melting pot. A gumbo is what we are.

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  1. Yep. Thanks to my Black Irish (read: part Moorish) heritage, I’m darker than some of my half-black, half-white friends.

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