Somali pirates not due to weak government

The growth of Somali piracy is in the autonomous Puntland area of Somalia, which is stable, and not involved in the civil war.

The piracy began when fisherman there started opposing illegal fishing by other countries and the dumping of garbage off their shores. They eventually started boarding ships that were fishing illegally, got a ransom in return, and you can guess the rest… A profitable business was born.

They are not Islamists. In fact Islamists now say they want to drive them out. Oddly though, they announced this in advance, so the pirates moved the captured Saudi tanker. Not sure why Islamists would announce in advance they planned to seize the tanker, unless of course what they really want is a share of the ransom.

The pirates are well-organized, well-armed, and quite wealthy. I’m revising my opinion of them. They will be very difficult to stop.

[The piracy has] become the parent of a business model that could be copied in other lawless regions of the world.