Protest Prop 8 nationwide this Sat. Nov. 15

It is amazing and heartening the speed at which these protests are being organized.

There will now be protests in every state, with some states having multiple events. Join the Impact has the all details.


  1. This is great, but doesn’t it seem like closing the gate after the cow got out? I remember thinking about a month or so before 11/4 that the Gay community seemed to be complaisant about the vote. I kept hearing about the Yes ads and not hearing any No ads. Then finally a week before 11/4, I started seeing the commercials and hearing that big companies and unions were donating to No on 8. In todays world, with absentee ballots being sent out a month ahead – people need to be making their points at least a month ahead if not sooner. It looks like the Yes group understood this while the No group sat around thinking that bad things don’t happen to good people, so no one needed to do anything. Not being in CA, maybe stuff was happening that I didn’t see, but this is the impression I got over here in AZ.

  2. The No on 8 people didn’t run an especially good campaign while Yes on 8 did.

    We need to overturn Prop 8. That’s what these protests are about.

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