On Mormon-owned business boycotts

AmericaBlog on Bill Marriot’s blog post about the hotel chain being LGBT friendly.

It doesn’t matter if Bill Marriott didn’t give to Prop 8. He is a major donor to the Mormon Church. And they use that money to impose their religious views on others, whether you like it or not.

Second, Bill Marriott may not have given to Prop 8, but people on his staff, who run some of his hotels, did. And we pay their salaries. We pay for those donations every time we stay at a Marriott.

A national boycott of a major Mormon-controlled business could be quite effective. In the words of legendary organizer Saul Alinsky; pick a target and freeze it, the rats will crawl out to defend it, and then you’ll know who the real enemy is.

The other players in Yes on 8 are quite happy to let the Mormon Church take all the heat. We need to force them into the open too.