Updated blogroll

I’ve (finally) updated the Blogroll. It now lists the blogs that I read in Google Reader.

After a hiatus, I’ve been getting back into programming. So, I wrote the Google Reader subscription list out to opml, then wrote a routine in Foxpro that read the opml, parsed it, then wrote it to html, which was cut-and pasted into the Blogroll.

It feels good to get geeky again. Yes, I’m sure there’s some way to do it with 6 cryptic lines of perl or something equally cool in xsml, but hey, it works. The next time it’ll take maybe ten minutes to do. But I do plan to learn xsml too…

Let me know if your blog isn’t there, the parse routine did hiccup a couple of times.

If you aren’t using Google Reader, check it out. It’s a great way to read blogs or anything with an rss feed, because everything is in one place, no flipping from site to site to see what is new.

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  1. Google Reader is great. Not only do you get to grab all the posts you want and vet which ones you want to actually read, but Google offers you inbuilt flash player so you can watch or listen to enclosure files such as audio. So it’s the lazy persons way to grab podcasts.

    Google also offers me an excuse for my favorite hack.I run a blog just to carry links to audio I want to share on my sites — even audio I’ve had a hand in creating carried for a podcast site. So I subscribe in Google Reader to these sites and process the feeds and copy (Ctl-C) the offered- in GReader — flash players and then paste them (Ctrl V) into the original post so it now carries a snazzy flash player.

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