Updated blogroll

I’ve (finally) updated the Blogroll. It now lists the blogs that I read in Google Reader.

After a hiatus, I’ve been getting back into programming. So, I wrote the Google Reader subscription list out to opml, then wrote a routine in Foxpro that read the opml, parsed it, then wrote it to html, which was cut-and pasted into the Blogroll.

It feels good to get geeky again. Yes, I’m sure there’s some way to do it with 6 cryptic lines of perl or something equally cool in xsml, but hey, it works. The next time it’ll take maybe ten minutes to do. But I do plan to learn xsml too…

Let me know if your blog isn’t there, the parse routine did hiccup a couple of times.

If you aren’t using Google Reader, check it out. It’s a great way to read blogs or anything with an rss feed, because everything is in one place, no flipping from site to site to see what is new.