Same-sex marriage rallies continue

The S.F. Chronicle has a useful listing on contributors to both sides of Prop 8 as of Nov 3. Here’s the list arranged by amount of contribution, highest first, for those who gave to Yes on 8. I’m thinking the big contributors to Yes on 8 need to have their businesses boycotted as well as continuing protests outside them. They decided to interfere in the lives of others, so it’s only fair that their lives get interfered with too.

A same-sex marriage rally at the Oakland Mormon Temple this morning forced CHP to close highway ramps.

There are continuing protests in Los Angeles in multiple areas. LA.indymedia has continuing coverage.


  1. You also might find this link more informative:

    I’m not really sure how we’re supposed to organize a boycott around this information though. Most of the top donors are non-profits or owners of very niche businesses. I suppose we could boycott A-1 Storage?

  2. AmericaBlog says Marriott hotels are heavily Mormon owned, if not directly by LDS, and execs gave to Yes on 8.

    Interestingly, his link to the Hotel site (which worked yesterday) now returns “Site down for maintenance.” Uh huh. I’m sure that’s the reason why it’s down.

    They are feeling the pressure.

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