LGBT Rights: A movement reborn and a Popeye moment

That’s all I can stand, I can’t stands no more.

The spirit in the air at the San Francisco Marriage Rights march on Friday was unmistakable. There was anger at interference by the Mormon Church in secular affairs and a determination to fight until full equality is achieved. But more important, there was optimism, even happiness. Sooner rather than later, they knew they would overcome.

The Mormon Church will unquestionably be getting a whole lot of unwanted attention. Let’s take a real good look at their tax-exempt status and also let’s also organize boycotts against LDS-owned businesses and any business that heavily funded Yes on 8.

Keep an eye on AmericaBlog here. Editor John Avarosis is already investigating LDS-related businesses and has a long track record of organizing on the web and playing a powerful role in forcing anti-gay groups to back down. He’s already discovered that LDS directly gave $500,000 in support of an anti-gay amendment in Alaska in 1998. Sure seems like that could be a violation of non-profit status laws. Avarosis can be a force of nature when he’s on a roll, and he’s just getting warmed up.

Ian Walsh in FireDogLake

Gays and their friends didn’t have it in for Mormons. Mormons involved themselves in something that was none of their business. Well, now that you’ve made it your business, expect gays and people like me to make your church our business.

And while I don’t speak for God, the only God I find worth believing in is one whose first rule is Love, not Hate. I don’t imagine that God, the god of love, is all that pleased with how you’ve claimed to speak in his name this last year.

But he does believe in folks reaping what they’ve sowed.

Nicole Bell in Crooks and Liars

Sorry, LDS and Catholic Churches, let me pull out my tiny violin for you. You have used the tenets of your faith to infringe upon my secular government to take away rights from people, and I’m supposed to feel bad that protests are targeting you? I just don’t think so.

Let’s roll.