Courage. Gay Mormon for equality is a group of gay and lesbian Mormons. Let’s remember, this isn’t against Mormons or the right of people to have religious beliefs. It’s against the deliberate and continuing interference by the Mormon hierarchy in secular affairs. There have been protests by Mormons in Salt Lake City and it’s clear LDS members are split on the issue.

Photo from SFist of the Oakland protest. who has continuing coverage of all the protests. Also check Jameth.

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  1. Reality is that the gay Mormon sub-group is just that, a splinter group that the Mormon church, as a whole, sees as a blasphemous counter agent to their movement. I know several people that belong to that sub-group, and they receive nothing but attacks from the Mormon church.

    While there may be a few LDS members that disagree privately with the stance of the church, reality is that the church itself takes a VERY firm anti-gay stance. The church forcibly disbands anyone (including gay members, and parents of gay children) that go against their teachings without quick repentance. If there are LDS members speaking out against the church’s stance on this then they’re either doing so very quietly, or will not be part of the church for much longer.

    While I sympathies with those that feel torn between their church and their belief, I can not separate the actions of the church from those that continue to help fund it. It’s like loving someone that’s addicted to drugs, hoping they’ll change, but continuing to fund their habit. Until you cut off their supply they will never see that they need to change their ways. And until the funders pull their purse strings, they’re just as culpable for the addictive behavior as the addict is, maybe even more so.

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