No on Prop 8 march

I just got back from a quite large No on Prop 8 march in San Francisco. The march was spontaneously organized in just three days after the loathsome Prop 8 passed.

Among other things, I expect there will be organized boycotts of businesses owned by LDS and of businesses owned by Mormons that gave substantial money to Yes on 8. The crowd was alive, proud, and ready for the sustained fight it may take for full equality.

Best sign, carried by a woman, “If Mormons can have ten wives, why can’t I have one?”

Prop 2 passed on Tuesday. It guarantees better treatment for farm animals.

More photos on Flickr


  1. Nice pictures and I hope that we can get this stupid prop 8 reversed or better yet thrown out at the California Supreme court level.

  2. The LDS church started with not allowing people of color not “mixing” with whites or as they would say “christians” Please see the book of alma book of moe chpt 3 paragraph 6,7 and 8 “And the skins of the Lamanites were dark, according to the mark… that they may not mix with them”.
    Here is the link
    They started with people of color and got sued for it and now they are on Gays. The Churches that supported the yes vote need to lose their tax exemption. Especially the Mormons they love their money, gets them to as higher level in heaven you know.

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