White supremacists for Obama

Andrew Sullivan on the Esquire article about how some white supremacists want Obama to win while some black nationalists back McCain

The Chairman of the American Nazi Party, among other self-proclaimed racists, is voting for Obama. It’s called heightening the contradictions – something all good communists and neocons also understand.

The delusion of political extremists everywhere is their confused belief that once the ignorant masses hear The Truth from them, they will rise up in righteous fury and smite the Enemy. Their confusions are multiple. First, they are utterly convinced that they, and only they possess the Real Truth, and thus are not interested in discussion, only in converting you. Second, they treat the masses they pretend to want to embrace with ill-concealed contempt. You’re just something to be manipulated.

That “heightening the contradictions” so as to force massive State repression will more probably result in them being imprisoned or shot rather than seizing the reins of power never seems to occur to them. But then, their certainty about the rightness of their beliefs is exceeded only by their lack of a sense of humor and perspective.

“If I can’t dance, I don’t want your revolution” – Emma Goldman

Never trust politicos and revolutionaries who don’t want you to dance.