Elective Compulsive Disorder

It seems to afflict progressives more. After years of numbing defeats, can it be, is it possible the voter tide is finally moving leftwards?

The symptoms include obsessively checking blogs and websites every fifteen minutes for the latest poll results, pondering if the crucial Left-handed Albanian Soccer Mom voter segment in Pennsylvania will tilt towards Obama, torturing oneself with paranoid fantasies about how the neocons will steal the election again, and so on.

Omigod. A Rasmussen poll this morning only has Obama up by 4 in Pennsylvania. Time to work on contingency plans to move to Ireland should “President Palin” become a reality? But wait. Other recent Pennsylvania polls have Obama up by more. Perhaps a generalized freakout followed by cardiac arrest isn’t the appropriate action.

Come November 5, after Obama has been elected, then the difficult Jonesing process will begin. Millions of addicts will go into immediate withdrawal and there will be a huge void in their lives. We will need to be there for them.