Syria attack as partisan Republican election tactic

Juan Cole

It seems to me more likely that the attack was aimed at making sure that what the administration calls “al-Qaeda in Iraq” did not have the means to mount a spectacular bombing or assassination campaign that would hurt McCain and help Obama.

Scott McClellan has already told us that the Bushies are in campaign mode 24/7. I’d say that every single thing they are doing, whether raiding Pakistan or raiding Syria, is intended in some way to help the Republican Party in the election, in addition to whatever local military goal the action had.

Of course, by now the Bushies and Republicans are so demoralized that the wheels are falling off their once polished machine.

Let’s make sure it stays that way and that McBush doesn’t get elected. Obama is a moderate pragmatist, not an extremist ideologue and as such, our chances of getting out of Iraq are much better under an Obama presidency.

In the remaining days of the election, let’s do everything we can to elect Obama. Full tilt. No mercy.