Wassup 2008

He’s sitting in his foreclosed home talking to a soldier friend in Iraq as someone upstairs tries to hang himself as the stock market tanks, a hurricane hits someone buzzing the door outside, and someone helping him move can’t afford pain killers for his broken arm. The soldier asks, “Wassup?” He looks at the TV and sees Barack and Michelle Obama at the convention, smiles and says, “Change”

Some fear Obama will be just another Tony Blair, the great progressive hope who turned out to be anything but. An Obama presidency will mark the end of the neocon agenda and the return of a belief in science as well as rationality to the White House. He is not an ideologue. As for the sky-high hopes, yeah, the country is ready for change. And I believe we will get it. The partying in the streets on Nov. 4 won’t just be Democrats in the US. The whole world is watching and hoping about this election too.