It’s over. McCain to skip own election night party

McCain will skip his own election-night party due to “space limitations.”

Which is about the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard.

George Packer in the New Yorker

As for Palin, the incarnation of red-meat, know-nothing Christian nationalism, she turns out to be McCain’s single biggest mistake. The Republican Party’s immediate post-election future will be a bloody struggle over Palinism. It’s already started at National Review online, where the growing hysteria of the posts signals that the roof is falling in on conservatism. Everything that worked for forty years has suddenly not just stopped working, it has become self-defeating. Republican candidates, strategists, and pundits are like witchdoctors who keep repeating the old incantations over and over, their voices rising in furious shock, to no effect. That’s the sound of an era ending.

PS While it may be over, like Obama says, let’s sprint across that finish line, not letting up until 8 pm on Nov. 4.

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