Hey Lefties, Frontpage is offering $500 to review their book

Yes, this is the same barking at the moon insane Frontpage that foams at the mouth so much about the evil liberals that they need a towel to wipe the spittle off their faces. I guess sales of their “Party of Defeat” are so dismal so they’ve been reduced to trying to get lefties to review it so they can  attack the review on their website.

Robert Farley took the money (they paid him $1,000!)

I ordered a pitcher of beer and a pepperoni, pineapple, and jalapeno pizza, and settled in, expected to read roughly a third of the book. And then, about halfway down the first page, I noticed a serious problem with my plan. The. Book. Is. Unimaginably. Terrible. You may think you can guess how bad it is, but you can’t. It’s Benji Saves the Universe Terrible. It’s notes on each of the first seventy pages terrible. It’s spitting up your valuable, valuable beer terrible. There’s just nothing there. It can’t be engaged with, any more than the homeless dude with the tinfoil hat can.

But he resolutely soldiered on, finished the review, and then made contributions to Obama and others with some of the money.

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  1. Sue asked me if I was up for it. I’m not sure five hundred bucks would be worth it.

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