Wackos at McCain-Palin rallies

Maybe it’s because I used to help organize antiwar and immigrant right rallies when I lived in L.A. that the videos of extremist racists at McCain-Palin rallies doesn’t faze me much. The lunatic fringe has always been there. The Republicans, in desperation, are now pandering to them. But here’s the key fact. Such events by definition, only bring out the hardcore. By now, most the moderates have heard what the rallies are like and are staying home. So, what you see in the videos is the fringe of the fringe, and not representative of Republicans at large, many of whom are moderates and not racist.

Sometimes in L.A., especially at immigrant rights events, rabid right wing counter-demonstrators showed up, and things got plenty tense. Screaming matches between the sides accomplish precisely nothing. Getting your point across in a understandable way to the media is what matters. Not screaming at a bozo with a stuffed chimp labelled “Obama.”

For those you may not have seen this, from my You Tube site, video of an unprovoked attack by LAPD clubbing a couple to the ground and continuing to beat them at a Minuteman-ANSWER LA confrontation in July 2006. Be careful out there folks, it can get crazy.

And here are some political cartoons to lighten up your day.