President Obama

This national poll of polls was done before tonight’s debate. Insta-polls galore show that Obama won decisively, so he will undoubtedly be getting yet another surge in his poll numbers.

Don’t be surprised if, after the next wave of polls come out between now and Sunday, the RNC starts putting money that was slated to go into the presidential race into close Senate and House races instead.

And don’t be surprised if Obama wins by a margin comparable to Reagan over Mondale, if not Nixon over McGovern and Johnson over Goldwater.

A 10 point win is considered a landslide. Obama is already close to that. Plus, the magic number of 60 Democrats in the Senate now seems within reach. This is a historic election, and marks the swinging on the political pendulum back to, if not the left, then certainly the center. Having a thoughtful centrist in the White House will be a welcome change indeed from the gibbering extremist lunacy of the past eight years.

So, for the next 19 days, let’s do everything we can to insure that Obama wins. Then we party. (And then we press for change.)


  1. It reminds me of the euphoria preceeding the Blair elction after years of Tory rule, look at us now!! I can remeber all the cheering in the pub where I was as the results were coming in and all those tv shots of mad cheering crowds on the street, now most people would like to see Blair indicted. History is a great educator.

  2. I told off a young man in my class today who said he was a Republican. A Republican Asian-American. Right, like Republicans would consider him an equal. Republicans are racist & elitist, do nothing of any benefit for women, tear down the country’s civil rights, torture in violation of all humanity, create inhumane and needless wars, eat crumbled economies for breakfast, exclude all others not wearing their class ties, … etc. etc. … free-marketeering bastards. And that’s on a good day. But if he wants to associate himself with that, because he aspires to that philosophy, so be it.

    Then I apologized for my foul words, mentally taped my mouth shut with duct tape, and went home to lock myself up until this election is over.

    Bob says the Democrats in charge will be better, and I hope he’s right … but let Mr. Blair be a lesson to us.

  3. GOP LEADERS may be like that, but the bulk of the rank and file GOP hasn’t tortured anyone lately. And I understand why they’re disgusted with the tax & spend, big government, excessively-regulation-happy, gun-banning, lawyer-promoting, elitist urban Democrats just as much as I’m disgusted with the GOP.

    Most people are just trying to get by. Much of what goes on at the grassroots level of this country is a reaction to the abuse of power by a two-party lock on the system. If they’re going to vote, they have to vote for one of the two– and both suck.

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