President Obama

This national poll of polls was done before tonight’s debate. Insta-polls galore show that Obama won decisively, so he will undoubtedly be getting yet another surge in his poll numbers.

Don’t be surprised if, after the next wave of polls come out between now and Sunday, the RNC starts putting money that was slated to go into the presidential race into close Senate and House races instead.

And don’t be surprised if Obama wins by a margin comparable to Reagan over Mondale, if not Nixon over McGovern and Johnson over Goldwater.

A 10 point win is considered a landslide. Obama is already close to that. Plus, the magic number of 60 Democrats in the Senate now seems within reach. This is a historic election, and marks the swinging on the political pendulum back to, if not the left, then certainly the center. Having a thoughtful centrist in the White House will be a welcome change indeed from the gibbering extremist lunacy of the past eight years.

So, for the next 19 days, let’s do everything we can to insure that Obama wins. Then we party. (And then we press for change.)