“Waterboard Obama”. From the Sacramento Republican Party website

Any further questions about how contemptible and hate-filled the Republican Party has become need no longer be considered. The Republican Party needs to be defeated so throughly on Nov. 4 that they don’t get off the ground for years to come. Or until the moderates have reclaimed their party from the racist neocon extremists who control it now.


  1. At the time the offending statement was posted, the Sacramento County Republican Central Committee’s webmaster was one of those moderate Log Cabin types you wished were in charge. He regularly posted items without approval or foreknowledge of the members. He was deposed last week when the (non-neo) conservatives gained control of the committee.

  2. No sense of humor eh?

    one little joke, albeit it was a bit of a stretch. Osama at least is honest.

    However, it is not like it was a hate-filled movie based on a fantasy to kill the president, which no one was fired for making.

    I think it ranked up there with the bumper sticker

    Which I thought was creative.

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