John Sidney McCain jumps the tracks

The oracle that is the Internet Anagram Server returns the following for “John Sidney McCain”

John Is Mendicancy
Achy Demonic Jinns
Cosmic Ninny Jehad
Comic Hyena Djinns

All of which makes about as much sense as the McCain campaign these past few days. Let’s see if I have this right. McCain was going to release a major new economic proposal today until he wasn’t. Then he said he would “whip [Obama’s] you-know-what” in the debate Wednesday and promised a respectful campaign as they kept running smear ads about Bill Ayers. Most bizarrely, he hallucinated today that being ten points behind in the polls three weeks before the election means “we’ve got them just where we want them”

While watching this campaign self-destruct is fun, now is the time to double and redouble efforts to get Obama elected. Yesterday, Biden said this was the most important election in decades. He’s right. The neocon agenda has corrupted and poisoned this country for eight years. Wars based on lies. Torture. Billionaires profit while everyone else gets poorer. McCain would be a continuation of those policies. Obama is a centrist moderate. And a rational non-ideologue. His presidency will bring a return to the center for a country that desperately needs it.