More on Bill Ayers

From Republicans for Obama: FBi Bill Ayers: funded by Republicans. Apparently the Annenberg Foundation has been hanging with terrorists too. Who knew?

The Bill Ayers I know. From a friend and colleague.

Obama didn’t lie about Bill Ayers, but McCain did

Chicago Sun Times: 10 things to know about Bill Ayers

10. Are all former alleged terrorists/radicals shunned?
No. Former IRA bomber Gerry Adams is welcomed at the White House as a peacemaker. Former PLO leader Yasser Arafat was too. Former Students for a Democratic Society member and Ayers friend Tom Hayden was elected to the California State Assembly. Former Black Panther Bobby Rush is a congressman representing Chicago, as is former Puerto Rican independence activist Luis Gutierrez.

The only reason McCain keeps attacking Ayers is because the Republicans have no ideas, no clue, and are losing more support everyday. It’s a nasty, cynical, despicable ploy – and happily, it is backfiring, sending even more voters to Obama. After eight years of this kind of sick campaigning and attack ads based on lies (just like their war was), the country badly needs a change. And it looks like we will be getting it too. It’ll be nice to have a centrist in the White House again rather than the poisonous ideologues who inhabit it now, and who McCain is simply a continuation of, if not more extreme.