McCain-Palin and the hatred they encourage

John Kerry: McCain-Palin’s “hate filled” campaign should disqualify them.

Former Michigan Gov. William Milliken: “He is not the McCain I endorsed

McCain might be stepping back from the abyss (or maybe this is just one more abrupt change in an increasingly bizarre campaign)

McCain booed for telling audience to be respectful of Obama.

In stark contrast to his last town hall meeting yesterday, John McCain dramatically toned down his attacks on Barack Obama, even after many in the audience were asking him to go on the offensive. McCain was even booed when he told the audience to be respectful and that “you don’t have to be scared” of Obama.


RNC may be pulling the plug on joint ads for McCain (and use the money to try and save Republican senators at risk)

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  1. My bank teller is a McCain supporter. She made an interesting observation yesterday: “I don’t think he WANTS to be president.”

    Who in their right mind WOULD want to inherit this nearly-impossible mess? That’s why no one with a real resume is running.

    I have no serious objection to Obama’s positions, though I disagree with some of them (i.e. health care). But I look at his experience and think, man, that’s the best we can do? And McCain is only marginally more experienced (and I have no idea what he stands for anymore– he’s become Clintonesque). Neither candidate has any real foreign policy experience. Neither has ever served in an executive branch, much less served as an executive. Neither has any experience in finance, budgeting, or banking. Neither has ever practiced diplomacy. Neither has ever run a business. They are both mind-numbingly unqualified to be President, especially in this time of crisis.

    My theory: whichever party wins will have such a diasaster on their hands that they won’t see the White House again for a generation. So be careful what you wish for. Neither candidate has a clue how to deal with the financial crisis, the wars, the budget deficit, or our increasingly extremism-torn society. Whichever wins, they’re going to get clobbered by reality.

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