Obama won the debate

The snap polls and pundits are showing that Obama won.  Mr. Grumpy apparently couldn’t bring himself to shake Obama’s hand at the end. The Republicans are already trying to spin it as not a real debate.

Jake Marsh via Twitter

Congratulations to Not-Yet-President Obama on winning our second presidential debate. Can’t wait for January so America can start growing up

Yes, it will be nice to have a rational adult in the White House again, won’t it? And not a belligerent, proudly ignorant frat boy or vile-tempered old geezer.


  1. Obama lost. As always the O man never answered questions and just showed us his lack of knowledge on all topics. What do expect from a guy with no experience. He brings a knife to a gunfight.

    The war veteran as usual showed the country he is the preferred person and the right man to lead this country. And he did answer all the questions addressed to him.

    The GOP wins outright and the demarcates again try to blow up our asses and once again they failede debate.

    Oboma should not even be in the running.

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