NYC protest against the bailout

Clusterstock, a financial blog, was not impressed

“They were protesting everything. There were guys with petitions against the war. A lady who opposes breast cancer. Who doesn’t oppose cancer?” our correspondent Brian Van Nieuwenhoven told us. He described the protesters as a collection of misfits, crazies, tourists and some people who actually seemed to know about and oppose the bailout.

Why can’t we have better protesters?

Sigh. A friend of mine went to a big antiwar protest a few years back and came back disgusted. She said, I oppose the war, but these people are crazy, and what’s up with all irrelevant causes?

This is not the way to build a mass movement. The Left complains about being marginalized but too often does it to themselves. The bailout is a perfect issue for the Left to organize on. A protest about it should be focused on that issue only and should have speakers from across the political spectrum talking about why the bailout should be opposed. That’s how you get mainstream attention and get the protests onto CNN and in the NY Times. Because the point of protests is to get media attention, not to preach to the raggedy choir.