Hydrogen fuel injection boosts mileage

What may have seemed outlandish is apparently true. Hydrogen generators for cars electrolyze water and inject the resulting hydrogen and oxygen into the intake system and boosts mileage.

The hydrogen and oxygen displace some of the fossil fuels in the cylinders, help the gasoline or diesel fuel to burn more efficiently, increase power and decrease pollutants coming out the tailpipe.

The U. S. Department of Transportation, NASA and the National Hydrogen Association have said “hydrogen fuel injection is real and viable technology.”


  1. Yeah, sorry. NASA bottom line: “minimum energy consumption did not change.” They were also generating a kilo of H2 per hour, which I’m fairly sure is a whole lot more than the miracle carburetor, or whatever it is–that’s a whole lot of hydrogen.

    The big win was that a 1969 Cadillac V8 was able to run leaner. But 40 years later, we’ve learned a whole lot about running engines leaner. And a little more efficiently that a 7-liter ’69 Caddy….

    Notice the ads this piece is picking up from Google? “Uses Water instead of Gas. Double Your Mileage.” And an especially great one: “Get a Hydrogen Car Kit That Works Don’t Get Scammed.”


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