The financial crisis: Mass organizing for a mass issue

The ongoing and escalating financial crisis in the US presents a once in a lifetime opportunity for the Left to organize on. It is now obvious to just about everyone that our predatory system of capitalism a) favors the financial elite at the expense of everyone else, b) isn’t working, and c) millions of people are getting shafted because of this.

These are real issues that everyone understands. We could get millions in the streets on these issues but it needs to be done in a way that genuinely appeals to moderates and centrists. That means the speakers and focus of the protests need to solely be about the financial crisis (and not the zillion other side issues that get dragged into too many mass protests)

Moreover, centrists need to play a major role in the organizing and mobilizing. No more blocking those who don’t sign off on whatever the party line is by the grouplet who actually organizes the protest. The time for such self-indulgent and ultimately self-defeating ploys is long gone.

Imagine what could be done if, say, the major antiwar coalitions, housing advocacy groups, churches, the liberal blogosphere, AFSC, and progressive groups around the country all linked together and agreed to organize on the financial crisis in their own ways under a unified banner. The combined effect could be quite amazing as well as game-changing.

Yes, I know, some of the groups I mentioned aren’t speaking. It’s time they did. We need a unified Left and we now have an issue which can unify it. All that is required now is action.

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