Jim Cramer now suspicious of “financial terrorists”

Apocalyptic forebodings (or maybe a tinfoil hat alert) from Jim Cramer at TheStreet.com

It almost feels like financial terrorism. It feels like we are in a moment where there are institutions that are willing the destruction of our banks, institutions that want the nation’s financial system to fail.


I have no evidence of any of this

But you’ll say it anyway. Perhaps short sellers should be flogged as a preventative measure?

I literally am searching for a reason why this is all happening

Hmmm. Could years of a deliberate lack of regulation from D.C. combined with overweening greed on the part of investment bankers and insane amounts of leverage have anything to do with it?

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  1. Jim J. Cramer is to the nation’s Financial System as Jimmy L. Swaggart is to Christianity. (Different God, however.)

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