Headline of the Day: The pain in Spain falls mainly on McCain

A reporter asked McCain whether, if elected, he would receive [Prime Minister of Spain] Zapatero in the White House. McCain answered, “Honestly, I have to analyze our relationships, situations, and priorities, but I can assure you that I will establish closer relationships with our friends, and I will stand up to those who want to harm the United States.”

There’s been much conjecture as to how McCain could have been so braindead. Did he confuse Zapatero with Hugo Chavez or have a “senior moment”? Perhaps he thought the reporter said “Zapatistas” not “Zapatero”?

Not even Dick Cheney at his most bellicose and paranoid has ever ranted that Spain wants to harm the US, so it’s unclear what alternate universe McCain was operating out of.

Happily, the most recent polls show that Obama holds a widening national lead and that the Palin bounce is turning into a crater.

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