Netroots ignore Obama, foam at mouth about McCain and Palin

Why are netroots ignoring Obama and foaming at the mouth about Palin and McCain?

That’s what a reader on Andrew Sullivan asks, and he has a point. The Liberal blogosphere is currently so utterly preoccupied with attacking McCain and especially Palin that they are barely covering Obama at all.

While the reader thinks this could be a devious ploy by Rove to neutralize the netroots, I’m thinking the liberal blogosphere needed little encouragement to go off on such extended rants. They should get back and focus on what’s important, which is helping Obama win, not constantly giving press and focus to McCain and Palin.

However, this could just be a tempest in a teapot as the general public may not even be following it. But it’s still counter-productive.

And Obama, god bless him, he gets it. As does his team. while everyone whines he keeps at it every day with much much class and like a laser focused on the issues. The problem is not Obama, is that no one wants to follow his lead. Instead they are following McCain-Rove and they don’t even know it.

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