Atmospheric water generators

This old technology, pulling moisture out of the air, has been updated. Atmospheric water generators can now purify the resulting water, and this could provide major benefit to areas where drinking water is not readily available. They can run on renewable power like solar and wind too.

Added bonus: Willie Nelson has partnered with Wataire, one of the companies developing this new technology.


  1. Pulling water vapor out of cities might also permit individuals to sell polutants they ‘extract’ to recyclers – especially carbon/coal byproducts are needed to feed the algae being turned into ‘gasosludge’ – kids might pick up a few bucks collecting ‘trash air pollutants’ every Saturday morning (mowing lawns has long since given way to zeroscaping) … be advised that Kern County California supervisors just voted AGAINST requiring new homes (such few as are being built) to have their own solar panels on roofs … instead they want a study to determine how feasible granting loans (such few as are being granted) for the purpose would be … what cowards! These guys and their ilk have been saying and voting for such crap for 30 years! Kern County has the VERY BEST sun in the entire world! O, wait … it is also one of the West’s most oil rich counties, too …

  2. What, exactly, is the incentive to purchase such a (>$40,000) machine? Income from selling scavenged pollutants is nil and may require EPA license for you and this machine being a toxic substance producer (by product of purification). Cost to run this machine includes carbon emissions from coal fired generation systems. Selling a few gallons of purified atmospheric moisture where this gets installed seems to be a risky plan when increased carbon emissions occur in some other locality and those pollutants aren’t able to be handled at present.

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