Our moronic presidental campaign

Today, as Lehman Brothers and Washington Mutual continue to circle the drain, you might think Obama and McCain would make major speeches about it, proposing ideas and solutions. I mean, it’s not every day that major financial institutions go on a death march to oblivion.  But no. Instead they squabbled about whether “lipstick on a pig” was insulting or not. Gosh, I am SO inspired by this campaign…

Banks are cratering, the economy has the wobbles, and the forecast is for increasing financial turbulence. Yet neither campaign is talking about this in any substantive way. In fact, they’re mostly ignoring it. Pathetic.


  1. Both candidates are pretty clueless on the economy. But then, the real answers are politically unpalatable. Stop this neo-Keynesian nonsense and suffer through the inevitable (and no-longer-postponeable) economic downturn? You can’t say that if you’re running for public office!

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