Why rednecks may rule the world

Joe Bageant

We [rednecks] all understand that there is a political class which dominates in America, and that Sarah Palin for damned sure is not one of them. And the more she is attacked by liberal Democratic elements (translation: elite highly-educated big city people) the more America’s working mooks will come to her defence.

Liberals really need to end their nasty, insulting, class-based attacks on Palin. Now. Attack her for her extremism but not because she’s a redneck. So says Leftie redneck Joe Bageant.


  1. I figure that all of the stuff everyone on the left pushed up to the media in the days after she was nominated is enough to bury her chances as being perceived as anything but a far right wing Christofascist with extremist views on the environment, etc.

    Biden is already laying the ground work for her to have to back out of those extremist positions instead of lying past them or ignoring them. He is using her sequestered time form the media to define her.

    CNN did a story on her speaking in tongues, witchcraft excorsising, Christian jihad church today – much of the digging was credited to the Blogs. Even many of the anti-choice set may find her religion extremist after watching it.

    There isn’t much more worthwhile of wasting our time on with her now that there are less than 60 days to completely strip the polish off of the McCain turd.

    Don’t get me wrong… I am still going to dig on her because I think there are more bones in that closet of hers. But now that a lot of it is already out, it is time to set the sights back on McCain. Let Biden and other surrogates take the occasional potshot at Palin.

    Get the focus back on McCain, Obama and change.

  2. Exactly. bashing her because she hunts, shoots and is redneck is counter-productive and has an ugly class superiority submessage. But bashing her extremism is certainly called for.

  3. My aunt, a liberal upstate New York Catholic chemistry professor, spoke in tongues. My friend Brenda — don’t know her politics, do know she’s a Christian & a sensible, wonderful, flooring contractor & artist – speaks in tongues. Speaking in tongues is a spiritual gift from God, not the mark of an inbred idiot, not an indicator of extremist views.

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