Political and military effects of climate change

A US military analyst warns of climate wars, famines, floods of refugees, as areas near the Equator suffer permanent serious drought.

The possibility of major water wars between India and Pakistan is quite real, as water from the Himalayas starts in areas controlled by India then flows through Pakistan. But those glaciers are now melting at 7% a year.

“[The US-Mexico] border’s going to be militarised. I think there’s almost no question about it because the alternative is an inundation of the United States by what will be, effectively, climate refugees”


  1. Danny Bloom adds:

    What would make a great news story for some investigate reporter to do would be: how are military analysts in the USA and Europe and Russia dealing with all this, and what kind of contingency plans are they drawing up, perhaps in secret, perhaps in public, for human population refuges in the northern areas? According to Gwynne Dwyer, who has spoke to many military people this past year and is himself a military analyst and now a news columnist, most rich nations have already convenved comittee meetings to address this very topic: where to put all the people fleeing climate change — climate refugees — as the Earth hots up? Nobody is calling them polar cities yet, and nobody is calling them Lovelock Retreats yet, but I am sure they have “names” for them. Ask the CIA or the Homeland Security people. Certainly, this should be made public news. When?

    For a good background article, google “Gwynne Dwyer” and read his latest take on all this. He says it is happening even now as we speak. Nations are preparing for the worst case scenarios, even as they hope it never happens….

  2. A better story, or possibly a book would be on how ecological limits have been the instigator of social conflict for all human history. How the ecological limits to human social life have always impacted the social and poltical world. How the Roman Empire was based on an expansion due to its limited resource base.

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