Ginseng Oolong. Tea and trickery

Chinatown in San Francisco has a multitude of tea shops, all with dozens of varieties of tea. Was recently at one that had free samples. Asked for gingseng oolong. The fast-talking salesman said they infuse theirs with ginseng powder and that it would have a sweet finish, which it did. But something about the store rubbed me the wrong way, I felt like a mark. So, I tried the next store. Their ginseng oolong had no taste of ginseng at all. Hmm.

So back I went to the store I usually buy from Red Blossom Tea Company and asked for ginseng oolong. She showed me the tea in a canister, and said, notice the pieces of ginseng in it. Ginseng doesn’t dissolve in water, so many companies who say they infuse their oolong with ginseng powder actually just spray it with aspartame, which makes it taste sweet. Oh…

Red Blossom Tea Company got my business again.