The Left and the RNC police abuses

How bad is it in the Twin Cities?

Glenn Greenwald

Here’s a woman being pepper-sprayed at close range by a marching legion of police while standing on the side of the road holding a flower.

Yup, she was just standing there holding a flower, and some alleged human of a cop sprayed her in the face with a mega-dose of tear gas for no reason.

The police and the RNC are out of control. Of course there will be lawsuits and the police will end up paying millions. In the meantime, we need to make sure this story gets into mainstream media and stays there.

Let’s make a lot of noise about this. We need to make an issue about it.

PS News sources from the Twin Cities (for those who may have missed them.)

Theuptake Live video from cell phone cameras as it happens via Qik. (Quite amazing technology, isn’t it?)

Twin Cities Indymedia Lots of breaking news. One of the best organized Indymedia sites I’ve seen.

Coldsnaplegal On the streets, twittering the news as it happens.

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