Report from the Rage Against the Machine attempted concert at RNC

From Danny on the MarxMail listserv. He was there and not happy about what he saw. (If you think you might be offended by Bad Words, then you best not read the whole post.)

As their roadies tuned up and they were all set to go on, however, the fascist police occupation that now rules the Twin Cities during the RNC refused to allow them to take the stage. They even cut the power to the event, though organizers had a permit for it to go until 7pm, well after Rage would have played. They claim that since Rage wasn’t on the permit, somehow they had the right to prevent them from playing, which is, well, ridiculous police state nonsense.

I will say that the RNC has been full of important political lessons for the people of the Twin Cities, including the role of the police, the ends to which the government is willing to go to prevent us from effectively protesting, and the serious gap between the myth of democracy in this country and the reality.

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