Abraham Lincoln Brigade Memorial. San Francisco

Abraham Lincoln Brigade Memorial. San Francisco. Detail from the memorial. it was dedicated on March 30, 2008 and is the first such memorial in the US.

(View much more of it full-sized on Flickr.)

I took this photo at the 2004 RNC protest march in NYC. At least NYPD mostly respected freedom of speech and assembly unlike Twin Cities police currently at RNC 2008, who clearly haven’t a passing acquaintance with the concepts.

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  1. Its a shame we don’t see more acknowledgement of the contribution these Americans made to the good will we earned in the first half of the last century. Even though they were defeated, and not ever honored by our government, they stood up for principles commonly held during the Thirties, four freedoms, racial equality, separation of church and state, etc. … many went on to serve in the OSS … somehow we can endlessly honor slave holding southerners in their rebellion, but not slaves/serfs/rebels resisting a Spanish dictator.

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