WaMu offers 5% on CDs with hand-lettered sign

LastNightinVegas took the photo, and titled the post “This is the end, my only friend the end.”


WaMu is paying 5% on CDs at a time the Fed Funds Rate is 2.0% and the discount rate is 2.25%. Where can WaMu invest money safely and return 5%? The answer is nowhere.

It is a moral hazard that WaMu can even offer CDs at 5% with FDIC guarantees. Money is increasingly flowing to such endeavors, at taxpayer risk.

Losing money on CD deposits when your bank is imploding and advertising it with hand-lettered signs is the sign of an institution in desperation and near-collapse. That the Fed allows this is near-criminal.

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  1. A 30-year fixed-rate mortgage currently runs 6.29%. A 10/1 ARM or an FHA 30-year fixed runs 6.5%. Jumbos (i.e. any mortgage in SoCal) will be higher. They’ve got to HAVE money to LOAN money, and despite the Fed’s disconnect from reality that’s what loaned money costs.

    I say this despite the fact that I own Puts on Wamu.

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